introducing Kaohi: software for Mac OS X that control the time your children spend on MSN

Your child is hooked on instant messaging, spending hours a day chatting with his buddies. Blocking it seems like the easy way out, but you've been a teenager too and you know this is not the answer.

Molowa has the solution: time control on Mac OS X with Kaohi.

block web based messengers Getting thorough

Block web based messengers

Kaohi version 2 introduces a new system to block access to most well-known web-based messengers like ebuddy, meebo and more. Trying to access those websites will report an unavailable error in the browser. Native clients like MSN Messenger will still be blocked.
automatic update Stay up to date

Automatic updates

During startup, Kaohi will automatically check for a new list of well-known web-based messenger on Molowa's website. You will always be up to date. If you find a website is missing, send us an email and we'll update the list after reviewing!
Installation made easy

Simple as aloha

Installation made easy

Everything in Kaohi has been designed with simplicity in mind. From the initial setup, automatically done when you start Kaohi for the first time, to the policy configuration: The password protected Parental Kaohi window gives a clear overview of the current settings, and changing it is simple as a breeze.

weekly parental control

Easy to manage

Plain controls

Instantly review the total time allowed, and adapt it according to your needs. Any change you make is reflected right away in the time left.

take over time

Easier to use

Kaohi timer

The timer's simple color scheme lets the child instantly visualize the status, whether there is some time left, or even time taken over from yesterday's quota. One click and he can start or stop the timer that allows MSN access.

os x parental control

Extend OS X's parental control

OS X's parental control

Parental control on Leopard is great, and a tremendous update to Tiger's implementation. It is however limited to widely used features (curfew, sites blocking..). Kaohi lets you extend it by adding the time limit flexibility. Use Apple's system preferences pane to configure the globally allowed mac usage, and use Kaohi to further fine grain tune the time MSN can be used.

Download Kaohi free trialYou can use the fully functional version for 7 days.
international Multilingual :

Kaohi is available in english, french, deutsch and spanish

System requirement


Minimum system requirement


  • Mac OS X (10.4.6 and later, 10.5.x)
  • PowerPC or Intel Macintosh 450 MHz or higher
  • Minimum 256 MB of available RAM
  • MSN account
  • MSN Messenger (or any other msn client)


System requirement end
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